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Job offers

At Grishina RG Club (UKS GRISHINA) we are looking for employees in the positions of:

  • Aerobic Trainer, Dance Trainer.

RG LEGIA conducts rhythmic gymnastics training for children of different skill levels.
We work with children over 9 years of age in intermediate and advanced groups practicing gymnastics. As part of the training program, children should acquire free dance skills with music so that they can easily handle the demands of rhythmic gymnastics.

Aerobic / dance workouts 2-3 times a week after 2-3 hours will be part of the sport training in the gymnastics.

From candidates we expect a high level of skills in the field of dance or aerobics, personal involvement in sport development of children and young people, minimum 3 years of working experience with children. Experience in arranging group shows for children will be greatly appreciated.

CV please send to, contact phone + 48-664-163-622 Anna Grishina, Main Trainer

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach

Trainer for beginners (5-10 years old) with good sport level in RG and 2 years experience in working with kids.

CV please send to, contact phone + 48533009867 Elwir – President