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Rhythmic Gymnastics – a combination of ballet, dance, acrobatics and physical education with a musical upbringing and aesthetics. Gymnastics is an inseparable part of many other sports and dance. This sport is developing creativity, sense of rhythm, flexibility, balance and general agility. This discipline has grown on the ideas of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), François DELSART (1811-1871) and Rudolf’a Bode (1881-1970) – they all believed in expression by movement – showing emotions by dance and exercise of different parts of the body. Pehr Henrik Ling further developed these ideas in his nineteenth-century Swedish system of free exercise. This system promoted “esthetical gymnastics”, in which students expressed their feelings and emotions through movement of the body. Since 1984 (in Los Angeles), Rhythmic Gymnastics is competition in the summer Olympic Games.

In our club we accept girls from 4 to 13 years old. Classes are delivered by experienced coaches, experts from rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and ballet. Trainings are held in sport halls located in schools:

– Center of Warsaw:
* Mila 26 street (on the back of the KLIF shopping center),
* Niecała 14 (School No. 75)
* Grenady 16 (School No. 386)
* Okopowa 59 (VIZJA PARK campus)

– West Warsaw:
* Szadkowskiego 3 street (School No. 321)
* Zachodzacego slonca 25 (School No. 357)

East Warsaw:
* Myśliborska 25 (Białołęka, School No. 118)

Rhythmic gymnastics is developing a number of positive human qualities such as slim and correct posture, musicality, aesthetic movement, orderliness, decisiveness, mental strength, ability to concentrate and divided attention. Girls, who are practicing in RG LEGIA, develop their physical fitness, which then can present in a number of shows, competitions, or even in popular entertainment programs such as Got Talent.