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[:pl]UWAGA!!! NABORY 2017/2018

Manual for joining the club:

In order to streamline our records, we have introduced web-based registration for UKS GRISHIN classes. Signing up via the internet is not yet obligation to participate. You will take the decision to attend the class after the first class (on a test basis). If after the first activity the child will not want to continue his adventure with physical culture, then the classes become a free trial and the data given in the system is deleted. Due to the safety of the children, providing basic contact details before the first classes is compulsory – we can not accept children who are not registered in the system.

Step by step kids recording:

1. Go to and see the schedule of classes in different locations. Search for groups marked with “NEW” sign- only these groups can accomodate new children for classes.

2. Choose the activities that interest you and match the age of your child – remember the name of the group.

3. Check also UKS GRISHIN’s regulations – it is on the page with graphics and here

4. Go to: and fill out the registration form (basic data of child and parent )

5. The training group can only be selected after entering the child’s birth year – the system will suggest groups suitable for the age.

6. Confirm that you have read the Terms of Use and your consent to data processing (for the purposes of enrollment only).

7. Press the SAVE button – if the form fields are filled incorrectly, the system will suggest what needs to be corrected.

8. After confirming the recording on the page you will see the message: “Recruitment – Thank you for submitting the application. We will contact you shortly to discuss training details. ”

9. After the child is enrolled, wait for email / SMS about first classes date- it will be sent a few days before the date.

10. Bring the child to class and after first class make the decision to continue the classes. If you decide to train, you will need to complete the data in the system and print the membership declaration and sign it (you can do it in the next class). New members of the club pay a registration fee of 20zł and a fee for the first month.

11. If you do not appear in the next class and we do not receive a membership fee and declaration then we will consider you resigned from the program and release the place in group for subsequent children from the enrollment list.

12. See you in UKS GRISHINA – sport is health and gymnastics is the basis of all sports!